Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership

The Immigrants, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) supports the development of local partnerships and community-based planning for the needs of newcomers by utilizing Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs).

The TEQ LIP seeks to involve diverse stakeholders in the partnership development process. This includes service provider organizations, levels of government, school boards, professional associations, ethno-cultural organizations, faith-based organizations, the social services sector as well as the community at large.

Our Vision

Organizations and stakeholders across Scarborough are working hand in hand to establish a strong, inclusive, and welcoming network to support newcomer settlement. We strive to foster collaboration, partnerships, and equitable participation of all members by eliminating the complexities, and making the newcomer experience more cohesive. With a variety of resources and years of experience, our services are designed to simplify and aid the valuable members of our community.

Goals Of The TEQ LIP:

  • To strengthen the planning and delivery of integration services across multiple sectors
  • To support enhanced co-ordination and collaboration within our community
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable local and regional solutions
  • To promote the successful social and economic integration for newcomers
  • To strengthen the local capacity to integrate newcomers with improved labor market access and social inclusion.
  • To create sustainable, welcoming communities for newcomers
  • To encourage and support the success of our newcomers with increased economic, social, political, and civic participation.

Our multi-sectoral approach at the local community level promotes inclusion and  engages stakeholders in collaborative actions that facilitate the integration of newcomers.

Our Local Immigration Partnerships In Toronto

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