Toronto Newcomer Council

The Toronto Newcomer Council is a group of active immigrant community members who work closely with the Toronto Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) and the Toronto Newcomer Office to identify newcomers’ needs and find ways to support successful immigrant settlement in Toronto.

The Toronto Newcomer Council raises awareness of the needs of immigrants in their respective region and the city of Toronto as a whole. Council members represent the voice of immigrants in LIP planning and projects, as well as at community, regional and municipal planning and policy development processes.



The Toronto Newcomer Council works collaboratively with the Toronto Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP) to

  • Raise awareness to current and emerging needs of immigrants in the city of Toronto
  • Help ensure newcomers’ voices and needs are reflected in Toronto LIP activities as well as community, regional and municipal planning and policy development
  • Inform local and municipal planning and policies to better support newcomers

The Newcomer Council members meet regularly in four local tables in their respective region (North, South, East, West) and as a city-wide council. All Council members are residents of Toronto with lived immigration experience and a strong interest and passion for civic engagement, influencing change and addressing complex issues that affect newcomers. Members are representative of the diversity of immigrants’ backgrounds and experiences in the areas of gender, age, ethnicity, immigration status and other social group affiliation.

The term of appointment for a Newcomer Council member is two (2) years with reappointment possible in accordance with the duration of the Council.


To learn more about the Toronto Newcomer Council and how to become a member, please contact Melissa Waterman at [email protected] or 416-431-5326 ext. 2405

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