Service Delivery Improvement – Scarborough Newcomer Needs and Trends (SDI-SNNT) Project

In July 2018, the TEQ LIP embarked on a Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) project entitled, “Scarborough Newcomer Needs and Trends Update”, with the vision of maximizing the use of Scarborough organizations’ service delivery data. Supported by an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funding opportunity and implemented in partnership with the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC), the SDI-SNNT project continues to centralize its three core objectives:

  1. Build a Newcomer Insight Collaborative (NIC) platform that enables diverse organizations to pool service delivery and other relevant data for joint analysis;
  2. Motivate and engage organizations to work together to pool and jointly analyze their data in the production of bi-annual Scarborough Newcomer Needs and Trends reports; and
  3. Build the capacity of organizations to make better use of their data for program planning and evaluation through capacity-building workshops

Since its initiation in July 2018, the SDI-SNNT project has successfully conducted several rounds of data collection and analysis, produced exclusive Scarborough Newcomer Needs and Trends reports for its participating agencies, and continues to regularly devise and host data-driven capacity building workshops for the organizational community.

To learn more about the SDI-SNNT project, please connect with Nadia Singh through the Contact Us page.

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