From the Ground Up: Innovation at the Grassroots Level

From the Ground Up: Innovation at the Grassroots Level

The CBPRO team cordially invites organizations of all sizes to participate in a partnership and learning opportunity as we reflect and discuss on how to build forward together and develop recommendations for growing organizations, established sector partners, and funders to support the development of a community service environment which uplifts and supports the work of grassroots organizations and advance the key needs of our communities. The forum includes diverse speakers, thought leaders and trailblazing thinkers who will share new approaches to designing, delivering and developing partnerships to meet the changing and emerging needs in the settlement sector.

Through networking activities, a plenary session, roundtable discussions, and collective recommendations, attendees will explore new approaches and partnerships to address core issues affecting our colleagues and community members. This will also be an excellent opportunity to build new connections to other service providers and stakeholders in the region.

For more information and to register, please visit the website.


Jun 12 2024

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