IE TO Day 2017


Another edition of the Immigrant Employment TO Day initiative went underway in June, celebrating the talents and skills of immigrant professionals through a series of workshops, webinars and networking events.  The city wide initiative was organized in partnership with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), The North and West LIPs, Toronto Public Health and The Toronto Newcomer Office. A series of events took place in different areas across Toronto, offering information on resources to obtain legal supports and understanding Ontario Employment Law; Breaking the Canadian Experience Barrier; and showcasing initiatives to help connect employers with immigrant talent. A key part of the IE TO Day event by the East LIP was to recognizing key individuals who have made an impact in supporting immigrant professionals in employment, health and well-being within the community, through an awards ceremony.

Let the Celebration Begin!

Since this year marks the 150th anniversary of Canada’s  confederation, the TEQ LIP together with Toronto Public Health and the University of Toronto Scarborough’s 150Neighboursinitiative have organized the first ever Employment & Health Recognition Awards Celebration. The awards ceremony took place on Friday June 23rd at the Agincourt Public Library. 

The initiative recognized key individuals, local businesses and service organizations who have made outstanding contributions in supporting newcomers and immigrants in employment and health integration within the Scarborough community.    

Participants were empowered by keynote speaker Anne Gloger, Founding Director of East Scarborough Storefront, who delivered an eloquent presentation on creating healthy and prosperous communities. Her presentation highlighted job satisfaction as a key motivator in recruiting and retain employees, but also in supporting health and well-being in the workplace.

Local businesses such as the Adonis Group Inc. was one of the recipients to receive a recognition award for being active in providing employment opportunities for the Syrian community. Adonis Group Inc has created jobs for all individuals regardless of experience or language barriers, including the hiring of 140 new immigrants in which the majority were from Syria. They are still hiring to date, with Store Manager Hani Tawil accepted the award. As an immigrant himself, he was deeply honoured to pay it forward and help future newcomers settle comfortably. 

Scarborough resident, Alia Khan was presented with are cognition award for assisting and supporting newcomers in overcoming barriers to integration. Her dedication and passion has not gone unnoticed when it comes to helping disadvantaged women facing domestic violence, isolation and discrimination.  Alia also volunteers, leads conversation groups and provides support to LINC classes in her community. 

 The Canadian South Asian Growth and Support Services (CSAGSS) was recognized as a grass roots community organization  that facilitates a health and wellness initiative promoting healthy eating habits and information on diabetes and chronic pain management for newcomers residing in and around the Mornelle Court community.  

 Timothy Mok, received the Special Recognition Award for outstanding commitment and support through generous acts to promote health and wellbeing in the KGO community.  Timothy not only represents Guildview Pharmacy, but has gone above and beyond to support low income residents who cannot afford to pay for their medical prescriptions. 

Honourable mention certificates were presented to local businesses, AAB Office Solutions, and Fairdeal International Inc. who have provided effective employment and training opportunities for newcomers to attain the skills they need to   integrate successfully into the Canadian labour market.

Congratulations and thank you to all award recipients and nominees for their tremendous contributions in supporting the Scarborough community. 

The TEQ LIP would like to thank the planning committee – TRIECToronto North and West LIPs, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Newcomer Office and the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus for their partnership with the 150Neighboursinitiative and helping to make the Immigrant Employment TO Day Employment & Health recognition awards a great success!

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