Collaboration Forum – BRIDGES 2018

BRIDGES 2018 is an annual Collaboration and Partnership Forum for service providers organized by the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQ LIP) in collaboration with the Toronto Quadrant LIPs and the City of Toronto Newcomer Office.

Objective of the BRIDGES Forum is to help enhance and build the capacity of organizations of varying sizes and resources to engage effectively and impactfully in collaboration and partnerships and achieve results through collective action.

BRIDGES 2018 focused on emerging trends in agency collaboration and partnerships. Building on past BRIDGES Forums and developments in the social services sector and beyond, speakers at the Forum explored topics such as trends and promising practices in agency partnerships; using technology to support collaborations; non-profit – private sector partnerships; and how to approach shared measurement and evaluation. The Forum also provided space for networking and discussing opportunities for collaborative action.

BRIDGES 2019 was attended by over 140 service provider representatives from across the City of Toronto. Below you will find an overview of workshops presented at the Forum and links to presentations and resources shared by speakers.

Morning workshops

Workshop 1: Using technology to support partnerships and collaboration – Marco Campana, Non-profit Communication Consultant

Workshop 2: Non-profit – private sector partnerships – Allison Pond – CEO, ACCES Employment and Anita Carroll – VP, Corporate Engagement and Resource Development, ACCES Employment

Workshop 3: Partnerships and Collaborations – Tools and Resources for Organizational readiness and capacity building – Amanuel Melles, Aman Consulting

Workshop 4: Assessing effectiveness and impact of collaborative initiatives – Sylvia Cheuy, Consulting Director, Community Engagement, Tamarack Institute

Afternoon workshops

Workshop 1: Types of partnerships: tools to build effective long and short-term collaborations – Ewa Cerda-Llanos, Manager of Community and University Partnerships and Umema Sharafali, Coordinator of Youth Engagement, East Scarborough Storefront

Workshop 2: Building partnerships between the settlement and indigenous community – Andrea Chrisjoin, Board Designate, Toronto Fire Native Cultural Centre

 Workshop 3: Using technology to support partnerships and collaboration (repeat) – Marco Campana, Non-profit Communication Consultant

 Workshop 4: Working through challenges in collaborations – Radha Nayar, Principal, Nayar Consulting

Organizer of BRIDGES 2018 Collaboration Forum

The Forum was organized by the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership in collaboration with all Toronto Quadrant LIPs and the Toronto Newcomer Office. 

Please find more information on the organizers by clicking on the link below:

For questions and details, please contact Irmi Hutfless, Project Manager, Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership at 416-757-7010 or [email protected].

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