Scarborough Community Safety Week 2018

Making our communities safer, stronger and more vibrant for all residents

The Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQ LIP) in collaboration with local and regional partners has organized its 5th annual Scarborough Community Safety Week taking place from October 15th to 26th, 2018.

The event aims to create more opportunities for service providers, newcomers and the communities to work together in addressing safety issues and improving neighbourhood safety measures for Scarborough’s diverse immigrant resident groups through collaboration amongst service providers and other key stakeholders.

Click here: Safety Week – Event Calender_Oct 15 – 26, 2018

Expected Outcomes:

  • Service providers are aware of different types of safety issues newcomers face and have the ability to guide newcomer clients.
  • Newcomers are aware of different safety issues and are able to access service providers that can assist them with their safety concerns.
  • Stronger relationships among service providers and newcomers are developed, building on effective models of collaboration and community engagement.

Format Of The Events:

October 15, 2018:    Kick-off event at 10.00 am at Toronto Police 42 Division, 242, Milner Ave, Scarborough, ON, M1S 5C4

October 15 – 26, 2018: Workshops, seminars, discussions and information sessions on financial safety, youth safety, community safety, road safety and Family Safety will be held at multiple locations across Scarborough at community service organizations, libraries, Hub, etc. Youth safety events will be held in selected schools in Scarborough.

Get Involved:

If you are interested in organizing a safety workshop in your location or in the community, 

  1. Identify and confirm with the resource person from the resource person list – Resource Persons for Community Safety (Confirmed List)_October 2018
  2. Complete and submit the Confirmation of participation form to [email protected] – TEQ LIP_Scarborough Safety Week October 15 to 26 2018 – Confirmation of Participation
  3. Create a flyer to promote the event and share with us. TEQ LIP will promote your event/ workshop. The event will be added to the Safety Week workshop Calendar and published here. You can use your own template or the template that was created by the planning committee for the safety week. Please contact Mani Mahadeva for the template.

The Week starts with the Kick-off on Monday, October 15th, 2018 from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm at Toronto Police 42 Division, Scarborough, ON, M1S 5C4

The kick-off event will featured a keynote speech by Toronto Police Service 42 Division representative and community representatives.   

For more Information, contact:

Workshops and information sessions on financial, youth, family and community safety in locations across from Monday, Oct. 15 – Friday, Oct. 26, 2018

Service providers in Scarborough, libraries and community groups work together to organize seminars, workshops, discussions and events around financial, youth, family, road and community safety. Considering recent increasing crimes rate targeting seniors and housing breaking, gun violence and road accidents, the planning committee will give more attention to house breaking, distracted theft and gun violence. Similar to previous years, there will youth focus and financials safety focused workshops will be held in the community and schools in Scarborough.

If you are interested in participating in any workshops/ events held during the safety or interested in organizing an event, please contact Mani Mahadeva – 416 491 3456 x331 or [email protected]

Target Groups:

The Scarborough Community Safety week targets to reach Scarborough newcomer/immigrant residents, newcomer civic leaders and newcomer service providers in Scarborough.

Major Themes of the Safety Week:

  1. Road Safety – Includes Pedestrian Safety including  schoolchildren, seniors and youth, cyclists and commuting issues, vehicle safety, etc.
  2. Community Safety – Includes Violence, fear of violence, crimes, safety of children, seniors and women in the neighbourhood/ public space, community relationships and neighbourhood matters
  3. Family Safety – Includes Domestic issues and family safety, Resistance techniques, Gas and electrical and fire safety, Safety of children at home, Senior abuse/ safety, distracted theft, Sexual health and safety, emergency preparedness, etc.
  4. Financial  Safety – includes Financial Safety for newcomers, Senior financial safety, Common scams and fraud that targets newcomers, Consumer safety, Documentation and legal awareness 
  5. Youth Safety – Includes Dealing with youth related issues i.e. bullying, cyber vigilance, drug activities, gangs, gun violence and homelessness

Organizing Committee Members

  1. Afghan Women Organization
  2. Catholic Crosscultural Services
  3. Centre for Information and Services (CICS)
  4. Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC)
  5. Toronto Police –42 Division
  6. Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership
  7. YWCA JUMP Scarborough
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